Bangladesh is a country of south Asia.Bangladesh is independent in 1971 to fought against the Pakstain Army.Through the independent is imployes his own culture,tradition,dress,food,invenction.There are many kinds of origin are living in a cities,villages and other sub-content area.
Bangladesh is most natural beautiful country around the world.The natural scenary of Bangladesh is very beautiful is most attractive to all class local or forenier people.Day by day the natural lovers are come form all over the world.There are many kinds of attraction to come here is one of that is Bangladeshi food.All the foreigner are biggest fan of Bangladeshi food who visited Bangladesh even today or tomorrow.

Bangladeshi Food are have a many section are divided in food items.Everyday meal,ceremony party,family party,friends party and indoor and outdoor foods.
Bangladesh every day meal are divided into three section that are Breakfast,Mid-day/Lunch nad Dinner/Supper meal.There are different types of food items each time of meal. .Breakfast meals are taken bread and Khala or honey,Rice,egg and some others made a different types of items to like their family.In the Lunch/midday meal is the major meal items in Bangladesh. All the Bangladeshi people are mostly like to eat Fish,Meat,Dal,Borta,Bhaji and others.But Rice is common in every taking meal. Dinner/Supper time most often that meal are always take the same in the Midday meal.Evently many family are added special items in special day and special guest to invited.


Now we talk to the Ceremony and Weeding party and function food items are most delicious and adding many kinds of special items.In the marriage ceremony function food items are most adding in Polow,Beefs items Dal and Bhiorhani or Cold drinks.Different people are like most different kinds of food.In the family party made a special food items to the invited guest.To first introduce to the guest are display to some kinds of Fruits and sweet food items and Phita.Special friend and family party having a special beef items,Cold and Hot drinks are arranged by friends.