Whittling Knife is the one of most common knife in around the world knife industry.Whittling are the one kinds of modern fashion and utilize your time in the perfect works.Are you passing your time to doing a small or big works I thing you should to doing some creative works and that’s is whittling in carving wood.To select the best whittling knife to do follow some kinds of charastices of knife.
In are you a beginner in the whittling you should know some basic kinds of knowledge.There are many high knowledge in whittling fast and quickly.In your trying and practice hard this kinds of work are in your hand.
Choosing the best quality of knife and serve the highest ergonomic and perfect blade and handle are the most common issue in whittling.High-quality carbon or steel blade are the most reliable materials to made in knife blade.
There are many kinds of world class whittling knife madding brand.They made their knife in different types of work preferable and comforts.Morakniv, Flexcut,Carvin are the world class knife made company.Specially cutting, Roughing,Detail are the most common whittling pattern blade.All the blade are high quality laminated steel with pre-sharpen or razor sharp.Easy to sharpen well in a quick time as early as possible.


Flexcut 3 Knife Starter Set

flexcut 3 starter set
Flexcut 3 knife starter set are the most important knife that are using the basic to high-level whittling knife.If are you a beginner I mostly recommended that Flexcut 3 starter knife.Total product dimension 8.8 x 7.2 x 1.2 inches,and weight is 7.8 ounces.the blade variation are in three types that are Cutting knife , Detail knife and another is Roughing knife.The blade are made from in high carbon steel.

The nicely polish wood handle and strong grip in your hand.Small knife are cut and work easily and move one to another side fast and comfortably.Small knife can not doing the big kinds of tuff and are most easy to sharpen quickly.One of the best USA knife made company in Flexcut 3 starting whittling knife.

Flexcut Whittlin’ Jack


The Flexcut Whittlin’ Jack is really good. It’s made from Flexcut’s own carbon steel, making for a really strong blade. It’s the smaller two-bladed version of the Carvin’ and Pocket Jack.

The unique two-bladed design offers you the variety of blades that any whittler would need. When closed, it’s just 4 inches in length and you would never know it was in your pocket. The two blades are a detail knife, which is 1.5 inches long, and a slightly longer roughing knife, which measures 2 inches long.

What some customers were upset about was that it has no curve on the blades, meaning you can’t scoop with it. However, most felt that it was a quality knife due to its versatility. It’s a good knife to start out on for sure.

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